Digital Marketing after MBA

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This article will be of help to MBA graduates! Digital Marketing has gained huge popularity in the recent years. Especially after 2010, this field has seen immense growth (in terms of popularity and potential)! Businesses big and small are milking DM’s potential and power! Is doing Digital Marketing training after completing MBA a good idea? Read on to know more!

The answer to the above mentioned question is yes! Digital Marketing training is especially beneficial to MBA graduates who have specialized in areas like Marketing, Advertising and Marketing, PR, Communication & PR, Event Management & PR.

MBA graduates who have other specializations will also find Digital Marketing training quite useful. The advantages of pursuing DM training are many! First of all, it will add a new skill set to your resume, a skill set that is highly valued by many recruiters! Apart from that, it will open new doors of opportunities in front of MBA graduates!   Traditional MBA programs doesn’t cover the topic of Digital Marketing in detail. Newly designed MBA programs do cover the basics of DM. But going for DM training program will help you understand the basics as well as fine details about this promising field.   The ultimate aim of most businesses out there is to gain more customers and to retain the existing ones. Digital Marketing is a medium, using which, customers can be gained through digital channels.   Digital Channels can be used for other productive activities too. For example, they can be used for better interaction, relationship building and reputation building with existing as well as potential customers.   Digital Marketing is the key that can help one unlock the doors to digital channels like social networking websites, e mail marketing, websites, e commerce sites etc. Mastering DM skills and techniques will give businesses an edge in the brave new digital world!   Smart Digital Marketing campaigns can help businesses build loyal customer base and good online reputation. But DM is not an easy affair! Much attention has to be given to aspects of DM such as planning, strategising, evaluation, data analytics and A/B testing!

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  Going through Digital Marketing certification programs will help one get familiar with the above mentioned aspects of DM. Possessing these skills will give you an edge in the digital world! Smart recruiters and businesses look for the above mentioned skills in candidates.   In short, Digital Marketing is the future! It holds the key that will open doors of opportunities in front of businesses. DM training after MBA is a good investment of time and money. The skills acquired through learning DM will help you milk the opportunities offered by digital channels!   Some of the well known Digital Marketing courses –

Certification Courses: Certification program in Digital Marketing, Online Marketing and Certification Training, Certified Digital Marketing Master
Diploma Courses: Diploma in Digital Marketing, Diploma in Search Engine Marketing, Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Diploma in Mobile Marketing
Short Courses (individual modules): Mobile Marketing Certification, Search Engine Marketing Certification, Social Media Marketing Certification etc

If you want to know more about DM courses in India, check out this article- Digital Marketing courses in India. Also check out this article- BBA in Digital Marketing.

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  2. I am an MBA student i would like to participate in the One Day DIGITAL MARKETING workshop which is going to be conducted by IIT-MADRAS. It is also certified.
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