Business Law Courses in India

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Hi! In this post, I’ve listed down some of the best Business Law courses available in India. The courses I’ve mentioned here belongs to PG (Postgraduate) level.

  The academic programs mentioned here are ideal for Bachelor’s Degree holders. These programs will help you build a decent career in Business Law sector.   Some of the types (formats) of courses mentioned here are –

  • Master’s Degree courses
  • PG Certificate courses
  • PG Diploma courses

In order to be considered eligible to pursue any of these courses, you must have completed relevant Bachelor’s Degree program!   There’s a notion that Business Law courses are meant solely for LL.B. graduates! It is not true at all! Graduates hailing from other disciplines are also eligible to pursue some of the business law courses.   Before heading the meat of the matter – Business Law courses in India – let us check out some basic details about this domain. Here it is –

Business Laws: Introduction

In simple terms, business laws comprises of laws that help govern commerce and business practices.   This domain is a part of Civil Laws. This domain governs commercial activities taking place in our country. So, directly and indirectly, these laws do influence aspects such as – economy, unemployment, human development, inflation etc.   Do you know how a company/business works? They are required to follow many rules, regulations and practices. They are required to stick to certain statutory compliance.   Business Laws covers aspects such as –

  • Contract laws
  • Labor laws
  • Taxation laws
  • Competition laws
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate laws
  • And more…

Business firms, MNCs, Industries, Manufacturing firms – all of them deal with business laws. They need skilled business law professionals to take care of the above mentioned tasks and aspects.   In short, this domain has decent amount of job opportunities and scope. If you have the right set of skills, knowledge, intelligence and temperament, you can make it big in this field!   If you want to remain self-employed, this domain won’t disappoint you! It is not uncommon to see experienced business law professionals turning to consultancy business! Also check – law courses in India.   Come, let us check out the list of courses now. Here it is –

List of Business Law courses

  • LL.M. (Hons) Business Laws
  • LL.M. (Hons) Corporate Law & Governance
  • LL.M. (Hons) International Trade Law
  • MBL (Master of Business Laws)
  • MA in Business Laws
  • PG Diploma in Business Laws
  • PG Diploma in Business Laws and Corporate Governance
  • PG Diploma in Corporate Laws
  • PG Diploma in Industrial Laws


LL.M. programs are 1 year long. MBL and MA programs are 2 years long (each). PG Diploma courses are generally 12 months long.

Eligibility Criteria

LL.M.: Candidates who have completed LL.B. or 5 years long Integrated Law course are eligible to pursue this course. Minimum aggregate marks required could be anywhere between 50-55% marks.   MBL: Candidate must have completed relevant Bachelor’s Degree program from a recognized University/College/Institute.   PG Diploma courses: Candidate must have completed relevant Bachelor’s Degree program from a recognized University/College/Institute.

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