Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery: Course & Career Guide

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BUMS stands for Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. It is a 5½ years long undergraduate Degree medical course. This course is based on the Unani system of medicine. BUMS course is also known as Kamil-E-Tibb-O-Jarahat. In this article, you will be reading about course details, eligibility criteria, admission process, syllabus, pg courses, specializations, career prospects and job profiles.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery: An Introduction

The Unani system of medicine originated in Greece. Hippocrates is known as the father of Unani system of medicine. This system of medicine was brought to India by the Arabs. Soon after its introduction, this system of medicine became very popular in India.




Unani system is known as the science and art of healing. According to this system, disease is a natural process. The body reacts to the disease and shows its presence through symptoms. Unani medicine system focuses on aiding the body’s natural healing power to reduce these symptoms, thus bringing relief to the patient and curing him/her in the process.


Some of the well known treatment techniques used in Unani medicine system are- venesection, cupping, diaphoresis, duresis, Turkish bath, massage, cauterization, purging, exercise, dietotherapy, pharmacotherapy and surgery.


The medicines administered to patients in this system of medicine are mostly natural drugs, derived from plants, animals and/or minerals. Drugs are purified and derived after lots of processes. This ensures that the drugs used in this medical system are mostly free from side effects. This is one of the main reason why many people take to this medical system for healing purposes!


In India, the field of Unani medicine education is supervised and managed by CCIM (Central Council of Indian Medicine). While taking admission in an institute, make sure that it is recognized by the CCIM.


Course details

BUMS is an undergraduate Degree course. The course duration is 5½ years. 4½ years are dedicated towards academic program. 1 year is dedicated towards internship.


Eligibility criteria

To become eligible to pursue this course, one must have passed 12th Science stream board examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. One must have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects.


Candidate must also be proficient in Urdu. He/she should have expertise in the language up to 10th standard level. Otherwise he/she should have had Urdu as an optional language in 11th and 12th Science stream.


BUMS course’s medium of instruction is Urdu (English is also used, whenever necessary). That’s the main reason why Urdu language plays a key role in eligibility criteria.


Admission process

Most institutes follow the ‘merit based admission’ process. Reputed institutes (both Government and Private) have their own entrance test/qualifying exam and interview. Seats are allotted to deserving candidates based on the marks scored by them in such entrance tests and board examination.



Important subjects present in BUMS academic program are-

  • Tashreef-Ul-Badan (Anatomy)
  • Munafe-Ul-Aza (Physiology)
  • Ilmul Amraz (Pathology)
  • Sareeriyat (Bedside clinic)
  • Ilmul Samoom & Tib-E-Qanooni (Toxicology & Medical Jurisprudence)
  • Tahaffuzi-Wa-Samaji-Tib (Preventive and Social Medicine)
  • Amraz-E-Ain, Uzn, Anaf Wa Halaq (Ophthalmology & ENT)
  • Ilmul Qabala Niswan Wa Atfal (Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Paediatrics)
  • Ilmul Advia (Pharmacology)
  • Ilmus Saidla (Pharmacy)
  • Ilaj Bil Tadabeer (Regimental Therapy)
  • Kulliyat-Umoor-E-Tabaiya (Basic Principles of Unani Medicine)


Note: Not all subjects present in the academic program have been listed above. Only the important ones have been mentioned, to give readers a better idea about the course structure.


Alternative course

This section will be of use to those, who are interested in Unani studies, but have failed in securing admission in BUMS program. For such students, there exists an alternative course- Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery.


Other than the Diploma course, alternative courses also exist in the form of certificate programs. While taking admission in such Diploma and certificate programs, make sure that the institute and the course, both are recognized by the CCIM.


PG courses

In case of most of the medical courses, pursuing a postgraduate course is of much importance. Similar is the case of Unani medicine. BUMS graduates may go for PG courses and boost their career prospects by completing them. Graduates have a handful of PG courses to choose from.


The most popular ones are- MD-Unani (Doctor of Medicine) and MS-Unani (Master of Surgery) courses. Both of them are 3 years long PG courses.


PG Diploma Unani courses (2 years long) are also present, which BUMS graduates may pursue. Graduates may use the above mentioned PG Unani courses to specialize in any specific discipline. Some such areas of specialization are-

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • ENT and Ophthalmology
  • Surgery
  • Preventive and Social Medicine
  • Pathology


Other than the traditional Unani PG courses, graduates may also go for management education. MBA is the best PG management course available in India. Specializing in healthcare management sector will help boost one’s career prospects. PhD program is another possibility available in front of graduates, who are interested in pursuing higher education after MS/MD/PG Diploma programs.


Career prospects and Job opportunities

Numerous job opportunities are present in Government as well as Private sector for BUMS graduates. Self-employment is another good option available in front of them. Graduates may start practicing Unani medicine system as ‘Hakims’. Graduates will be able to find such a job in Government as well as Private Unani hospitals, Nursing homes and Health centres.


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Unani pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are also known to hire graduates. Specialization in the field of Unani pharmacy will help one build a rewarding career in this industry. Government drug manufacturing units recruits graduates too!


Unani training institutes and colleges are also well known recruiters. Graduates may take up teaching jobs in such establishments. If you want to build a career in the teaching sector, pursuing an advanced degree would prove to be beneficial.


Job profiles available in front of graduates-

  • Hakim
  • Unani Consultant
  • Pharmacist
  • Research professional
  • Lecturer/Instructor
  • Drug Inspector


Places where graduates may find a job include-

  • Unani Hospitals (Government and private)
  • Government Drug Units
  • Unani Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Unani training institutes/colleges
  • Unani Nursing homes
  • Research bodies
  • Drug Control Boards
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