Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda) after 12th: Details & Scope

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Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda) is a 4 years long undergraduate course. This professional course is also known by the names of- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Pharmacy, B Pharm (Ay) and B Pharm (Ayu). It is a job oriented course with job opportunities available in Government as well as Private sector. Students who have passed 12th Science stream (any Group- Mathematics or Biology) are eligible to pursue this course. In this article, you will be reading about Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda) course details, eligibility criteria, admission process, syllabus, alternative and PG courses, career prospects and job profiles available.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda): Introduction

B Pharm Ayurveda course deals with drugs and medications used in the Ayurveda system of medicine. Just like the regular B Pharmacy course, this one also focuses on areas such as manufacturing and consumer sector of drugs. The only difference is that B Pharm Ayurveda course focuses only in Ayurvedic drugs and medications.


Some important topics covered under this course are- ayurvedic drug manufacturing, ayurvedic formulations, ayurvedic raw materials, modern drug manufacturing, drug standardization, quality control, manufacturing techniques (modern and traditional), drug store management and drug dispensing.


In short, this course trains students and makes them experts in ayurvedic formulations, use of raw materials, ayurvedic drug manufacturing and modern drug manufacturing techniques. Let us check out basic course details now.


Course details

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda) is an undergraduate course. On completion of the course, graduates may start practice as Ayurvedic Pharmacists in India and certain countries abroad. Let us check out the course duration now.


Duration: The course is 4 years long. The academic program consists of both theoretical sessions as well as practical lab sessions.


Eligibility criteria

Science stream students (Mathematics or Biology group– PCM/B) who have passed 12th standard board examination from a recognized board are eligible to pursue this professional course. Minimum marks scored in PCM/B subjects must be 50% (some institutes do have minimum marks criteria).


Admission process

Admission process usually follows the ‘merit system’. Marks scored by students in 12th board examination and entrance test are taken into consideration. Based on this merit score, deserving candidates are given admission. In case of some reputed institutes, selection interview is also present. Candidate must clear the interview, in order to secure admission in the institute.


Course content

I’ve compiled a list of important subjects present in B Pharm Ayurveda program. Going through the list will give you a better idea about the course structure and syllabus.


1st year subjects-

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Introduction to Sanskrit
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Biology
  • Sareera Kriya Vijnanam


2nd year subjects-

  • Physical Pharmacy
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Patho physiology
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Dravyaguna Vijnanam


3rd year subjects-

  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacognosy (Advanced)
  • Industrial Pharmacy
  • Rasasastra
  • Bhaishajya kalpana


4th year subjects-

  • Pharmacology (Advanced)
  • Industrial Pharmacy (Advanced)
  • Management
  • Rasasastra (Advanced)
  • Bhaishajya kalpana (Advanced)


Note: Only important subjects present in the course have been listed above. Some of the subjects mentioned above are recurring ones. Such subjects appear in more than one academic year.


It is evident from the syllabus that B Pharmacy Ayurveda course focuses on traditional ayurvedic studies as well as modern day pharmacy concepts.


Alternative course

If you are interested in becoming an ayurveda pharmacist, there is another relevant course that I would like to introduce before you. The course I’m talking about is- Diploma in Pharmacy (Ayurveda). This course is also known by the names of Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy or D Pharm (Ay/Ayu).


It is a 2 years long Diploma course. D Pharm (Ay) is the minimum qualification required in India for one to start practice as ayurveda pharmacist. Those who fail to secure admission in B Pharm (Ay) course may try this course instead.


After completing the 2 years long diploma course, one may get admission into the 2nd year of bachelor’s program (lateral entry).


Postgraduate courses

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda) graduates may go for the PG course of M Pharm (Ayurveda). It is a 2 years long Master’s course. After completing M Pharm, one may go for PhD and venture into the R&D sector associated with this field! One may land lecturer’s (teaching) job post after M Pharm.


M.Sc. in Medicinal plants is another relevant PG course that graduates may go for. It is a 2 years long course.


If you are interested in pursuing a management course, you may go for MBA or Diploma in management courses. Specializing in the healthcare management sector will be beneficial.


Career prospects and job opportunities

Job opportunities are available for graduates in Government as well as Private sector enterprises. The most common job that B Pharm Ayurveda graduates take up is that of pharmacist. Graduates may become pharmacists at Government as well as Private Ayurveda Hospitals/clinics.


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Graduates, after acquiring practice license, may also work at Private Ayurveda Medicine shops. If one has access to good financial resources, one may also start up own Medical shop!


Ayurveda Pharmaceutical companies also recruit graduates. In such companies, graduates may take up a job in sections such as- manufacturing, quality control, marketing and research.


Here are some well known job profiles available in front of graduates-

  • Pharmacist
  • Shop owner
  • Marketing specialist
  • Quality control officer
  • Medical representative
  • Drug manufacturer (after acquiring manufacturing license)
  • Junior Lecturer (Teaching job)
  • Research professional


Graduates may find a job in the below mentioned places/sectors-

  • Ayurveda Hospitals (Government/Private)
  • Ayurveda Pharmaceutical companies
  • Ayurveda Medical shops
  • Ayurveda Colleges
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