B.L.I.Sc. Bachelor of Library and Information Science: Career scope details

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In this article, we will have analysis of B.L.I.Sc. course. B.L.I.Sc. stands for Bachelor of Library and Information Science. Some variations of this course are also available, namely- B.Lib./B.L.S. (Bachelor of Library Science). B.L.I.Sc. is more like an advanced version of the traditional B.Lib. course, with more emphasis being laid on Information Management,IT and Computer operation topics. Here, we will check out basic course details, eligibility criteria to pursue this course, course duration, important subjects and topics, scope and job opportunities after Graduation.

B.L.I.Sc.: Basic course details

It is a one year long Post Graduate Degree program. The 1 year duration is divided into 2 semesters, each lasting a duration of 6 months.


The basic aim of this course is to train students manage and run a well stocked Library, to instill in them skills and techniques of Librarianship. Some key skills provided to students as part of this course are- handling of books and documents, classification of books and documents, Information handling skills, Use of computers, library procedures etc.


Come, let us take a look at some of the important subjects present in the course to get a better idea about course structure-


B.L.I.Sc.: Important subjects

Note that I’ve listed not listed all the subjects, only the important ones have been listed. This has been done to give the readers a better idea about how the course structure is.

  • Library Management
  • Basic of Library Science
  • Basics of Information Science
  • Classification and Cataloguing
  • Knowledge Organization and Processing
  • Computer Applications
  • Information Sources (traditional and electronic)
  • Information Skills
  • School/College Librarianship

Eligibility Criteria

Graduates from any discipline are eligible to pursue this course. Minimum marks criteria may exist in case of some Universities/Institutes. It generally is between 40-50% marks in Graduation program.


Career Scope, Salary and Job Opportunities

Educational Institutes like Schools and Colleges are the prime recruiters, when it comes to B.Lib./B.L.Sc./B.L.I.Sc. Graduates. Also, NGOs, Government and Private Libraries, MNCs also hire qualified librarians.


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Summary of common job posts-

  • School Librarian
  • College Librarian
  • Government Library Librarian
  • Information Analyst
  • Assistant Librarian
  • Teacher/Instructor (after higher studies)
  • Librarian at MNCs


Starting salary is generally around 5-15k Rupees. In case of Government job, the salary will be as per the Pay Band. After gaining work experience, one will be able to see the salary figure rise. To an extent, the salary figure depends upon the profile of the employer.


Graduates may work as Librarians, Assistant Librarians, Information Analysts etc in the above mentioned sectors. Also, after going for higher studies, one may also take up teaching job! B.L.I.Sc. is a good alternative to the traditional B.Lib. course. It is updated and focuses more in Information management and usage of Computer! Graduates who are interested in Librarianship may give this course a look!

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