Archaeology courses in India: Career scope & details

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In the past, Archaeology was not considered to be a branch that could offer a very rewarding career. When compared to other professional courses such as Engineering, MBBS, B Com, B Sc etc, Archaeology courses offered lesser job opportunities. But things have changed now. Archaeology as a field is thriving these days, thanks to the increased importance being laid on it. Due to this trend, job opportunities associated with this field also has increased a lot! In this article, I will describe in detail facts and figures related to career in the field of Archaeology. I will cover details such as course scope, Archaeology courses available, career prospects etc.

What is Archaeology field all about?

Technically, this field is all about excavation and recovery of artifacts, architecture, biofacts, surveying etc to study human activity in the past. In short, it is a field, where, using scientific procedures, analytical study is made of human history, past culture, heritage etc.


As part of the course, Archaeology students are taught topics like- analysis of artifacts, surveying of places, excavation, recovery of artifacts etc. Students are also trained to use modern equipment that will come handy during excavation and recovery procedures.


Courses to pursue to build a career in the field of Archaeology

For 12th passed students, undergraduate course related to Archaeology that they may pursue is- BA in Archaeology. Apart from this course, other undergraduate courses like History, Museology and Anthropology could also be of help, when it comes to building a career in Archaeology sector.


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B.Sc. Geology course

BA Archaeology

Archaeology courses in India


Other than Undergraduate courses like the ones mentioned above, there are Post Graduation courses available too, when it comes to Archaeology. Post graduation training abroad will help one get better training and help one get familiar with the latest technological aids used in the field of Archaeology.


Job Opportunities after studies

Now is the time to cover the most important topic- career prospects! The field of Archaeology is not well staffed, when it comes to the availability of skilled and trained personnel. On the other hand, the field is going through a period of growth. This has resulted in rise in demand for skilled Archaeology professionals.


Ample job opportunities are available in the Government sector. The State Archaeology Departments are the prime sources of jobs, when it comes to Government sector.


One may also take up the profession of teaching. One may go for Post Graduate course in Archaeology and then take up the post of a Professor in Government as well as Private Colleges!


Numerous Private firms are also active in the field of Restoration and Preservation of ancient as well as heritage structures across the World. After completion of any of the above mentioned courses, one may also take up a job in one such firm!


One may also start up on own and set up a consulting agency that caters to art collectors, museums, agencies that restore and preserve ancient and heritage structures etc.


It is evident from the article that Archaeology is a promising field. Career prospects are exciting too, thanks the recent development that this field has undergone. If you have genuine interest towards history and the subject of Archaeology, then you definitely can thrive in this field!

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