Best Agriculture Vocational Training Courses in the USA

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Vocational training is all about skill development. These programs are aimed at developing useful, relevant skills among students/candidates. This post will be of help to vocational education aspirants in the USA. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best vocational training programs related to agriculture trade.

In this post, you will find the names of popular agriculture vocational training programs in the USA. Apart from the names of training programs, you will also find additional details such as – duration, eligibility and more.   If you are passionate about agriculture sector and want to build a decent career in this sector, you may check out the vocational training programs mentioned in this post. These training programs will help you bag entry level jobs in agriculture sector and its allied areas.   K12 school students, Associate Degree holders, working professionals – this list has got something for everyone! Candidates belonging to different sections (academic) will find relevant vocational training programs in this post.   Why choose vocational education, you may ask. First of all, vocational training programs are skill developing training programs. These skills may help one get a decent job in relevant sectors/domains. For example – Agriculture vocational training programs will help you get entry level jobs in agriculture and its allied areas (livestock management, dairy technology etc).   Here are some of the main advantages of pursuing a vocational training course –

  • Job oriented training
  • Short course duration (Short-term training)
  • Skill-developing curriculum
  • Adheres to industry standards

Job seekers, who are looking for short-term programs, will benefit from vocational training courses. Apart from that, the curriculum meets the strict standards set by the relevant industry authorities/bodies/organizations.   Let us check out the list of training programs. Here we go –

List of Agriculture Vocational Training Programs in USA

Here are some of the best training programs –

1 Medicinal Plants Grower

This training program deals with medicinal plants, identifying them, their properties, cultivating them, harvesting techniques, processing techniques etc. After completing this course, you will be able to work for plantations cultivating medicinal plants, parks, gardens etc.

2 Micro Irrigation Technician

This training program deals with various aspects of micro irrigation such as – equipment, micro irrigation techniques, layout and design, piping and more.

3 Greenhouse fitter

A greenhouse is made up of transparent materials such as – glass, plastic, fiber etc. Greenhouse fitter training program will train you in different areas of creating a greenhouse such as – planning, building materials, lighting, layout, design etc.

4 Gardener Training

Gardener training program deals with various aspects of gardening such as – types of plants, diseases in plants, fertilizers, irrigation techniques, cutting & grafting, soil mixture etc.

5 Hatchery Manager

This training program deals with breeding fish. The curriculum will train you in areas such as – soil sampling, water sampling, fish sampling, design/planning/construction of hatcheries, breeding fish, cost estimation, hatchery management etc.

6 Animal health worker

Animal health workers usually assist qualified veterinarians. They are trained in different areas of animal care and welfare. The curriculum covers topics such as – providing first aid to animals, providing preventive care to animals, hold animals for treatment, data recording, monitoring improvement/progress, animal behavior etc.

7 Bee Keeper Training

This training program deals with subjects such as – managing colonies of bees, ensuring work safety, harvesting honey, marketing honey products, different species of bees, relevant tools and equipment, installation of hives, monitoring colonies etc.

8 Artificial Insemination Technician

This training program covers topics such as – heredity, reproductive disorders, reproductive system of animals/cattle, reproductive cells and organs, breeding, data recording and more.

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9 Chilling plant technician

Chilling plants are usually used by dairy farms and dairy product processing firms. These plants are used to store and preserve milk as well as other dairy products. The curriculum deals with topics such as – dairy industry, chilling plant unit, installation of chilling plant unit, operating relevant equipment, storing dairy products, ensuring work safety, ensuring personal hygiene at work etc.

10 Dairy Farm Supervisor

Dairy farm supervisors monitor day to day activities that take place in a dairy farm. They take care of aspects such as – staff management, livestock management, dairy products management, operations management, material management and more. The training program will train you in the above mentioned areas.

11 Floriculturist training

This program will train you in different areas of floriculture such as – cultivating flower crop, different types of flowers and plants, harmful parasites and diseases, pesticides and fertilizers, managing flower crop, harvesting techniques etc.

12 Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator

Fertilizers help improve the fertility of soil. Soil fertility plays an important role in improved agricultural productivity. Pesticides are used to eliminate unwanted and harmful insects, parasites and microorganisms from agricultural environment. Both these substances are chemicals. There exists different types of fertilizers and pesticides. This training program deals with aspects such as – identifying appropriate fertilizer or pesticide (depending upon the crop, parasite and other conditions), work safety, application process and techniques etc.

13 Seed Processing Technician

This training program deals with aspects such as – cleaning seeds, obtaining samples for testing, drying seeds, packing seeds, processing seeds and more.

14 Farm Machinery Technician

Farmers use different types of tools and equipment for farming. Tractor, plougher, rotavator, cultivator, seed drills, seed planters – these are some of the commonly used farm equipment and machinery. Farm machinery technician course will train you in areas such as – different types of farm machinery, working of different types of farm machinery, maintenance techniques, part replacement and more.

15 Agriculture Supply Chain Worker

Supply chain management deals with the following aspects – demand and supply, supply of goods, procurement of goods, stock management, storage/handling/transportation of procured stock, packing of goods etc. Agriculture supply chain worker course will train you in the above mentioned areas.


Eligibility criteria depends upon factors such as – difficulty level of the training program and type of institute offering the course. Based on these factors, eligibility criteria could be – completed K12 education or completed Associate Degree.

Career Prospects

After completing this course, you will be able to find entry level jobs at farm houses, plantations and other agricultural (or its allied) setups and establishments. Your job profile depends upon the type of training program that you choose.

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  Note: These types of vocational training programs are also available in countries such as – Canada, Australia and UK. In different countries, the names of courses and eligibility criteria may vary slightly from each other.

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