Best Courses After B.Com.

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Have you completed B.Com.? Are you looking for a good PG (postgraduate) course? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best courses to do after completing B.Com.

B.Com. stands for Bachelor of Commerce. It is one of the most popular course among commerce stream students.   B.Com. is an undergraduate level academic program. The course is 3 years long. In India, there exists regular B.Com. program as well as specialization programs (IT, Finance, Banking etc).   B.Com. graduates have a wide variety of PG courses to choose from. Here, I’ve listed down the top PG courses.   Why should I study further after completing B.Com., you may ask. To know the advantages of higher studies, read the next section.

Importance of higher studies

After completing B.Com., graduates have two options available in front of them – take up a job or go for higher studies.   In this world of cut throat competition, it has become very difficult for freshers to find a decent job! Under such circumstances, pursuing PG courses will be of great help to them!   A good PG course will add value to one’s CV. It will help one during job hunting! An advanced Degree (Master’s, PG Diploma etc) will definitely grab the attention of employers.   Apart from that, PG courses also helps one acquire industry-specific skills. For example, B.Com. is a general commerce course. But what will you do if you want to acquire skills specific to banking sector?   In such cases, you may always depend on PG Banking courses. Similarly, if you want to acquire management skills, you may rely on courses such as MBA or MMS!   PG courses are also very useful to working professionals. If you are a B.Com. graduate stuck with your present job, you may take help of a PG course to give your stalled career a boost!   Yes, a good PG course can help you get a better job or even promotions (in the present job). In short, there are many advantages of pursuing a good PG course after B.Com.   Come, let us check out the list of courses after completing B.Com. Here they are –

List of PG courses after completing B.Com.

There are different types of PG courses available in front of B.Com. graduates. Some of the notable formats are –

  • Master’s Degree courses
  • PG Diploma courses
  • PG Certificate courses

1 M.Com.

M.Com. stands for Master of Commerce. It is the most popular PG course among B.Com. graduates! It is a 2 years long PG course.   In India, there exists general and specialization M.Com. programs. Specialization programs are available in disciplines such as –

If you want to pursue an advanced commerce based course, M.Com. is the best choice!


MBA is one of the most popular choice among B.Com. graduates. If you want to acquire management skills, this is the best PG course for you!   Employers are not just looking for commerce graduates. They want someone who is knowledgeable about commerce and also has management skills.   So, by pursuing an MBA after B.Com., you are increasing your value in front of potential employers! In India, there exists numerous MBA specializations. Some of the notable disciplines are –

3 LL.B.

A combination of law and commerce can work wonders for your career! If you have passion for law, LL.B. is the best option for you after completing B.Com.   LL.B. is a PG level course. Thus, you may pursue it after completing B.Com.   After completing LL.B. you may practice as a lawyer or work as a legal officer for Corporate houses and MNCs.


MMS stands for Master of Management Studies. Like MBA, it is a PG level management course.   If you want to acquire business management skills, this course will be of help to you! After completing this course, you may start your own business or take on managerial posts in MNCs, Industries and Companies.

5 PG Diploma in Banking

If you want to build a career in the banking sector, you may try PG Banking courses. There exists specializations within this field. Notable specializations are –

  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Taxation

6 CA

Chartered Accountancy is related to commerce field. Though you can become a CA right after completing 12th, this course deserves a mention here.   Check out this guide to find more details about this program – CA course details.

7 CS

CS stands for Company Secretary. Like CA, you may pursue this course right after 12th. Still, I think this program deserves a mention in this article.


CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. It is an ideal certification for commerce graduates. The certification will help one find jobs in sectors such as banking, insurance etc.

9 Actuarial Science

If you want to become an Actuary, this training program will be of help to you. Commerce graduates may undergo actuarial science program. This certification will help them obtain jobs in sectors such as – banking, insurance etc.

10 Certificate in Bank Management

The main aim of this certification program is to churn our skilled bank managers. A bank manager should have knowledge about banking, finance, economics, accounting etc.   Certificate in Bank Management course trains students in the above mentioned areas. For commerce graduates, this course could be the bridge to a career in banking sector!

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