Best Fashion Design Courses After 12th: Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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Fashion related professional courses can be pursued by students hailing from any stream after 12th- Science, Commerce, Arts or Humanities. Majority of students still don’t see fashion related courses to be too promising and scope filled! But, to be honest, I consider such courses to be job oriented ones. Particularly after looking at the massive scales of saturation that other traditional courses have undergone in the recent times, the prospect of pursuing such job oriented and less saturated course seems quite good! In this article, I will be writing about fashion related courses in detail. I will cover details such as course duration, basic details, career prospects, future scope etc.

Before we head to the meat of the matter, let me mention some important points before you! Please don’t pursue any of the below mentioned courses just considering the fact that they are less saturated and are job oriented ones! Because, to thrive in the field of fashion designing, one must possess a natural liking for latest trends, have creativity etc! If you think you have the necessary skills, creativity and passion, then you may pursue any of the below mentioned courses without any hesitation!


List of Fashion Design courses after 12th –

First of all we will browse through a list of Bachelor of Design programs. All these courses are 4 years long and at the end, successful candidates will obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in their respective field of specialization.


1 Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design)

This is a 4 years long Bachelor’s Degree course. The main aim of this course is to impart global fashion concepts and trends to students. It helps students become creative and take garment designing to the next level, keeping in mind the export demand and global market in mind! Hands on experience is given much importance, when it comes to this course!


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Talking about career prospects, after the completion of this course, one may don many roles available within the fashion and garment design industry. Some of those roles are- designer, freelance consultant, stylist, illustrator etc.


2 Bachelor of Design (Leather Design)

Leather Industry is still thriving! Well crafted and designed leather goods and apparels are still in good demand. This demand is the main reason why the leather industry is still rolling on!


Leather Designing is a 4 years long course that helps students know the needs of the Leather industry. Students are taught design concepts to be used in leather processing, material knowledge, market knowledge etc.


Take for example a shoe making company, a leather design graduate may use his/her knowledge to help use the best available raw material (leather), use innovative design on it etc!


After completion of the course, one is eligible to take up many roles within the leather industry. Some of those roles are- merchandising professional, apparel designer, material expert, freelance consultant. One may also start up own venture too!


3 Bachelor of Design (Textile Design)

Textile Design can be said to be the base of the fashion industry! Without textiles, fashion industry won’t have reached the heights that it has scaled so far.


Textile Design program is a 4 years long course which trains students in the fields of textile manufacturing, raw material, production techniques and processes, machinery used etc.


Also, due importance is given to the global market and the business side of things! All this is taught without diminishing the importance of creativity and quality!


Textile mills are the prime recruiters, when it comes to this particular branch. After the completion of the course, one has many options to choose from, like- join mills, become an independent designer, become a consultant etc.


4 Bachelor of Design (Accessory Design)

In the past, accessories didn’t used to hog as much attention as it does these days. These days, much importance is given to accessories that go along with fashionable outfits! So much is the demand that a specialized branch has been created to train people in accessory designing!


This is a 4 years long course. It covers topics related to accessories as well as production, marketing and merchandising side of things. Accessories covered includes- jewellery, lifestyle goods, footwear, leather goods, watches etc.


The best job that one can take up after graduating in this course is that of a Designer. Thanks to the marketing and merchandising concepts taught in the program, one may also take up managerial posts too!


5 Bachelor of Design (Fashion Communication)

For any brand to thrive in the field of fashion, just churning out high quality goods is not enough. This is the age of branding and marketing! Without branding and marketing efforts, the best of stuff will remain unsold!


Fashion Communication is a branch that specializes in fields like branding, merchandising, marketing etc. This branch is made up of sub branches like photography, fashion journalism, fashion exhibitions, advertising and Public Relations.


After graduation, one may easily get marketing, advertising and branding related jobs in major fashion firms.


6 Bachelor of Design (Knitwear Design)

As the name suggests, this program trains students to become adept in the field of knitwear manufacturing, merchandising, market demands, export etc.


This is a 4 years long course. On completion, one may easily get hired by Knitwear manufacturing firms. In the firm, one has various roles to choose from, such as- designer, production manager, merchandiser, quality controller etc.


7 Bachelor Degree in Retail and Fashion Merchandise

This is a 4 years long course. It mainly focuses on the merchandising side of the fashion industry. After the completion of this course, one may find managerial as well as merchandising roles in Fashion firms.


Since the course instills management skills and fashion skills both in a student, such professionals are much valued in the Fashion Industry.


8 Footwear design and production

As the name suggests, this branch focuses on footwear only. In fashion industry, footwear designing and manufacturing has a distinct place and importance of its own!


This course helps students become familiar with the latest manufacturing technology involved in making footwear. Also, knowledge about raw materials used is also provided.


After graduation, one may easily land a decent job in footwear manufacturing firms. Also, one may start up own venture of manufacturing and processing footwear related parts and raw material.


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Those were some top Fashion related courses that Science, Commerce and Arts stream students could pursue. The courses mentioned are all job oriented ones and hold much value in the job market. But please remember that to thrive in these field related to Fashion Industry, one must possess skills, talent, passion as well as creativity! There are a number of Private Institutes out there offering certificate Fashion designing courses. Before getting admission in any such Institute, please make sure that it has been approved and is Recognized by the Government!

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