Engineering Colleges With High Placement Record in India 2023

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Technology has become an important part of our daily lives. So, to fulfill all the demands and sources the demands of the engineers are increasing every day. It has been estimated that around 1.5 million students take admission in the engineering colleges every year.

But not all the candidates achieve success, this might be due to the lack of talent. Or sometimes it is the fault of the colleges too, as they are not able to provide proper placement to their students. So, before you take admission in any engineering college, you not only have to be sure about the learning opportunities and teaching skills but also the chances of placement from the college. Here is a list of some engineering colleges in India with the highest placement record.

Top Engineering Colleges In India With Placement Records 2022

1 IIT Kharagpur

While discussing the engineering colleges in India, the first name that comes in everyone’s mind is IIT. One of the most vibrant and dynamic IIT of India is in Kharagpur. It is the first among all the IIT’s in India established in 1951 by the Indian government. For a student who wants to get admission in IIT has to go through two stages.   First, the candidate has to pass the JEE mains and in the second stage, they have to clear the Prelims cut-off. The cut-off for the IIT institute is high, students are selected on the basis of marks they have scored. It is one of the best centers for technical training in India. Moreover, ever since the inception of the institute, it has always been shuffling among the top 5 engineering colleges in India.   Address: The Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur is located around 120 km away from Kolkata. The campus of the institute is about 5 km away from the Kharagpur railway station. The campus surrounds an area about 2100 acres and is fully residential and over 20000 students who reside in it. The sprawling campus of the institute also has a civic hospital, guest house, national bank, and schools as well.   Courses: The institute has created its own identity by proving an excellent level of education in the engineering field. Those students who aspire to become an architecture or engineer in future can surely look up to this institute. The institute offers a wide range of Master level and Under Graduate level courses. Here are some list of the courses –

  • Bachelor Of Technology In Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor Of Technology In Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor Of Architecture
  • Bachelor Of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
  • Master Of Technology

Placement: The institute invites many recruiters from all over the country and different sectors such as Engineering, Finance, IT, Automobiles, Consulting, PSUs, etc.

2 Motilal Nehru National Institute Of Technology

Motilal Nehru National Institute Of Technology is among the oldest institutes in India. It is the third oldest institute. It was established in 1961. According to the reports, the institute has around 79% placement on an average. The foundation of the college was led by Jawaharlal Nehru.   From its beginning, the institute offered Bachelor degree courses like Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering. It was the first ever institute in India which offered undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Engineering.   Admission: The institute started its postgraduate program in 1970-71. It accepts both national and international students as well. The students of India have to clear the JEE Mains exam to get a seat in the institute while the students from abroad are admitted through the Direct Admission of Students Abroad (DASA).   Courses: The Motilal Nehru National Institute Of Technology provides a four-year undergraduate course in various fields of engineering. In case of postgraduate courses, the institute provides two years duration of Master of Technology Degrees. The institute has a total of 2,362 undergraduate students and 817 graduate students.   Address: The Motilal Institute of Technology is situated at Teliarganj, Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. The campus of the institute has a total area of 222 acres.   Placement: The placement at MNNIT is quite good. The highest package offered to an MNNIT student was Rs. 1.34 crore per annum. However, the average package offered to the students in from rs12-13 lakhs per annum. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe and many others visit the campus every year for recruitment.

3 PEC University Of Technology

The PEC University of Technology is known for its best number of placements. In the year 2017, the institute had 100% placement. Punjab Engineering College is an extremely good example of an esteemed university which is responsible for imparting high quality and supreme education for the engineering students at different level such as undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate.   The teaching faculty and the capable students of the institution are immensely involved in certain research activities that are an interest to the industry as well as the society. The institute has got some research program that helps in coaching the students about working in different industrial and research projects.   Industry collaborations, sponsored projects, consultancy and in-house projects are some of the best ways by which the faculty and the students contribute their share towards technology and knowledge. Also check – best engineering courses after 12th & courses after 12th science.   Along with affordable engineering program, the institute also provides financial help to the students and the faculty to exhibit their project to the international conferences in the country. The faculty of PEC engages in helping the society with short-term courses and training programs for those who want to have a professional benchmark in their academic life.   Here we present to you some of the important details such as the admission procedure, the courses offered and other details. The address of the institute will be mentioned below as well.   Admission: many students from all over the country aspire to have an admission to this prestigious college for all the graduate, postgraduate and doctorate courses in engineering. The students who want to take admission in the institute have to go through a detailed process which is done to select the best of the best candidates.   Admission to all the programs of Punjab Engineering College will be done through JoSAA and CSAB. The aspirants who are interested in applying should have all the details of the admission from the website. Here are some relevant engineering entrance exams – BITSAT, JEE Main and JEE Advanced.   Courses: Punjab Engineering College was declared as an esteemed university in the year 2013. The institute offers many undergraduates, postgraduates and doctorate course in the fields such as Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and others. Aspirants have the ability to select the course that they want to pursue their degree on.   Address: The institute is situated in Chandigarh, Sector-12.   Placement: The Punjab Engineering College of Technology has an esteemed value when it comes to placements. With a 100% record of placement previous year, this institute is by far one of the best institutes that we have on our list. The Punjab Engineering College’s placement cell prepares the aspiring students profoundly to have a bright career aspect.   All the engineering departments such as Computer Science, IT and software, and others have had some of the highest placement numbers in the previous year. It is needless to say that the placement in PEC is some of the best that include American Express, Infosys, Amazon Adobe, and some other famous names.

4 College Of Engineering Pune

Pune is known to be the hub for aspiring engineering students who want to have a successful career in the fields of engineering. Amongst many colleges and universities, the College of Engineering Pune is one of the best ones that we have in this list. An example of excellence in research, academics, and placements, this college is one of the most popular ones in the country this year.   The College of Engineering in Pune boasts of a healthy faculty and some great engineering programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and the doctorate levels as well. The research programs and group projects which are a part of the institute’s curriculum are funded by the college and exhibited to some of the topmost conferences in the country and abroad as well.   Any student who wants to have proper education and research facilities can choose this college due to its excellent imparting of wisdom and education. The college thrives on a singular mission and that is to provide quality education to those who need it.   This is one of the main reasons why the College of Engineering in Pune is amongst the top names in the country and thousands of applicants strive to be in this college.   Admission: Many students from all over the country aspire to take admission in this prestigious college for engineering courses. There are a lot of courses that are available and to take admission to this college, one has to go through numerous detailed and knowledge-enhancing procedures.   It is essential for the students to know the admission process in the college for getting an entry. Knowledge about details such as the admission dates and eligibility criteria is important as well.   Courses: The College of Engineering in Pune has got a plethora of engineering courses that are meant to provide knowledge and experience to the students. The courses that are provided in the College of Engineering in Pune are civil engineering, Computer Engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and a lot more options. The students have the liberty to choose the course that they deem is best for them.   Address: This esteemed university is located in Shivajinagar, Wellesley Road, Pune.   Placement: The institute is well-known around the country for the numerous placement offers that it has. Known to be a prime example of research, excellence, and placement, the College of Engineering in Pune is one of the best institutes that provides the students with an opportunity to get a successful career.

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