Blackberry Z10 battery problem’s (0% charging) solution

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This post will be of help to Blackberry Z10 users. Blackberry Z10 has been known to have lots of issues. One of those problems is battery calibration issue. Many Z10 users have complained about how the battery level remained at 0% despite charging the phone for hours! In case of some other folks, the battery charged like normal, reached 100%. But upon removing the charger, the battery used to quickly drain from 100% to 0%! In this article, I will provide easy tricks using which one may easily get rid of this problem.

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In all cases, the battery reading quickly changed from 100% to 0% in no time, upon removing the charger. It must also be noted that despite the battery level indicating 0% charge left, the phone would function perfectly, as if the battery still has got charge left in it! Yes, the battery saving mode would jump into action. But still, the phone would function normally despite the battery level indicating 0% power!


The solution

It is quite evident from the above situation that the real culprit here is battery calibration. The phone is actually unable to correctly read the amount of power left in the battery. This leads to the phone indicating 0% battery left! While in reality, the battery is pretty well charged up and continues to work well.


There are two main solutions to this problem. The first solution is to update your Blackberry Z10’s OS. There have been many cases where OS update has solved this problem.


Another solution is to re-calibrate the battery. It is not a very difficult task. All you got to do is let the battery drain completely. Even if the phone shows 0% battery reading, just continue using the phone! Eventually, the battery will drain out for real and the phone will switch off!


Once the battery is completely drained, plug in original Blackberry charger and let the battery charge. Make sure that you charge it to 100%. Doing so will help re-calibrate the battery. If done correctly, the battery will show correct reading. If things don’t improve, repeat the re-calibration process.


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  1. I tried more times but it shows 0% and increasing in charging is not syncing. But if I remove the battery and re-inserted it and the deceasing is perfectly synced. Every time I charged I’ve to remove the battery and re insert it, it gives me low battery performance (Before it synced it gives me 1 day 6 hours backup now it gives me 22 hours backup). How can I get it to sync while charging.


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