Best Part-Time Jobs Suited for College Students and Teens

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We all need money. It is very important for our existence. Today, nothing comes for free. One has to spend cold hard cash to fulfill basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing etc. College students and teenagers are no different. They also require money for various purposes. This article will describe to you some best ways college students can make money without compromising their studies and college life.


Students and teens need money for various reasons. College students, who stay at hostels away from home, are more likely to face increased expenses. They are on their own at hostel. They get a fixed amount of pocket money sent by their parents. But their expenditure is often more than their pocket money. Students spend money on books, tuitions, room rent, movies, food etc. Thus, they are often forced to find an extra source of income.

But taking up part-time jobs for making extra money has its own negatives. First of all, it is time consuming and will affect students’ studies. Moreover, most part-time jobs like waiting tables, babysitting etc pays paltry amount of money.

how college students spend money

The part-time jobs described in this article are tailor-made for college students. These jobs won’t affect your studies and pays considerably more than other traditional part-time jobs.

List of tailor-made part-time jobs for college students :

#1 Online Jobs

Educated people know that earning money online is a tricky affair. Students are well aware of loads of scams on internet. But there are also genuine money making opportunities available on internet.

Please go through this article to know more about trusted sites to make money online. Also go through this online money making guide. You may also check – Paid survey sites.

Based on your skills, you can work as a freelancer and earn handsome income. The biggest advantage of it is that the timings are flexible! You can work from any place! All you need to have is a computer connected to internet and some serious skills.


#2 Take tuition classes

Many of you will frown at this idea. Believe me, it is a great way to earn some extra cash without wasting much time. It also has other benefits.

Teaching others will increase your knowledge. It will also improve your oratory skills and confidence. It is also a source of good income. Whether you will get successful or not depends on your teaching skills.


#3 Sell notes and study material

Good and well prepared notes are always in demand. Good quality study material can fetch you good money!

Preparing notes and study material helps you prepare for exams. You may also earn some bucks by selling it to juniors later on.


#4 Sell study materials online

If you believe that your notes and study material are a class apart from others’, sell it online. Make an e-book out of you notes sell it.

You may also set-up ‘pay per download’ stuff also. Either way, if your stuff is brimming with quality, it will attract appreciation as well as money!


#5 Make and sell projects

This one is best suited for engineering students. Final year engineering students are required to make a project. It is a part of their syllabus. But many of them, instead of making their own projects, buys projects.

If you are quite good at making working models and projects, you may create them and sell it to students in need. Believe me, such ‘ready-made’ projects are in high demand.


#6 Become a test subject

Pharmaceutical companies want to check their sample medicines on humans before marketing them. For this, they need test subjects. Companies will pay you money for becoming test subject!

By becoming a test subject, you will have to stay at their campus for a particular period (the durations varies from study to study). You will be administered drugs and your blood samples will be collected. After the tests are over, you will be paid. You may also check – Tips to find the best career.


So, these are some part-time jobs especially suited for college students and teenagers who don’t have much time to spare. The above mentioned jobs pays much more money than traditional part-time jobs. Select the one that suits you the best.

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