Continuous Bank holidays on March and April 2015

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People of India need to be aware of this fact- continuous bank holidays are set to strike in the month of April. In fact, the bank holiday spree has already started in the month of March. Let us take a look at the bank holidays coming in quick succession in the year of 2015.

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Continuous bank holidays on March- April 2015

The long list of holidays started on 28th (yesterday). It is all set to continue up to 3rd April. Here are the dates of bank holidays-

  • 28th March- Ram Navami
  • 29th March- Sunday (regular bank holiday)
  • 30th March- Working day
  • 31st March- Annual closing day
  • 1st April- Annual closing day
  • 2nd April- Mahavir Jayanti
  • 3rd April- Good Friday
  • 4th April- Working day (half day only)
  • 5th April- Sunday (regular bank holiday)


So, looking at the above mentioned days, it is safe to say that banking activities will come to a standstill in the coming days. 31st March and 1st April are annual closing days, which are followed by National holidays of Mahavir Jayanti and Good Friday. Banks will remain closed on these days! On 4th, banks will resume normal functioning. But 4th April is Saturday. On Saturdays, banks function for half day only. And taking into account previous holidays, one will face huge crowd in banks on Saturday. Then comes 5th April, which happens be Sunday- a regular bank holiday! So, readers are requested to take notice of these dates and plan their banking activities accordingly!

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