Do aliens really exist? Some interesting facts

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“Hi earthlings! We exist! We rock!” –


So, here is the million dollar question- do aliens really exist? Some might say yes, while some others might say no. We at apnahangout have no idea if they exist or not. We haven’t seen one yet. Each year, lots of interesting studies and experiments are carried out to find whether aliens exist or not. We send messages and signals into deep space, spending millions of dollars, hoping that other smart forms of life reads our message and comes to earth.

Not pictured here- Aliens!

UFO sightings are reported every year across the world. Many times these UFO sightings are just publicity stunts. But sometimes, the people who claim to see UFOs are reliable people like- police officers, AirForce pilots. So, did they really saw an alien craft?UFO

According to the many-world theory proposed by some scientists, the probability of the existence of another earth-like planet can’t be discounted. According to them, our universe is insanely vast. There is enough possibility that there exists other earth-life planet that supports complex, intelligent forms of life. It is not necessary that the aliens would be androids- with two hands and two legs like human. They could lokk like anything, like water! And yes, it seems a good theory too.

While you are reading this article, this guy is standing right behind you!
While you are reading this article, this guy is standing right behind you!-

Similarly, some other scientists have proposed the single-world theory. Scientists are basically like Congress and BJP, they almost always oppose each other. So what this theory says is that the Earth is a ‘miracle’. The Earth got formed just by chance. All the right ingredients came together in the right circumstances. Earth supports life because of many factors like its distance from the Sun, the presence of an awesome moon and a shitload of other factors. They say that even if the orbit of electrons were a bit different, then Earth would have been a whole different lifeless planet. Also, the building blocks of life- Amino acids arrived on the Earth by chance, thanks to meteors who like hitting our Earth.

“If aliens look like this, I’d like to have an alien invasion!”-

Both these factions are adamant about their theories. Both theories have substance in it.

Many historical events also support the existence of aliens. Conspiracy theorists speculate that the pyramids were made by aliens. The design of the structure was too advanced for humans back then. So Michael Bay was right about pyramids? Wait, it is just a theory! There are no scientific proofs to back this claim. Further, many conspiracy theorists also claim that the cave paintings- drawn by cave men who had no other entertainment back then, depicts the existence of aliens.

Then there are the more famous theories- UFO crash in Roswell in 1947. Some conspiracy theorists went on to say that the US Government recovered the body of an alien, carried out an autopsy and were reverse engineering the space craft to acquire the advanced alien technology! The newspapers too followed and reported these events vigorously.

Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Fatima-

Another much discussed incident is the- Our lady Fatima, which is an event where Mother Mary ‘appeared’ before three children on the 13th of each month, starting on May 13th, in 1917. You can read the whole Wikipedia article here. Whenever the Mary appeared before the children, it was followed by the appearance of strange ‘hair-like’ substance. On the final appearance, many people- some even from other countries gathered in Portugal to watch the promised miracle. What they saw was true miracle! According to the witnesses, they saw the sun change its color, moving here and there. Flying objects etc.

Conspiracy theorists say that the apparitions were projections made by aliens and the whole ‘dancing sun, moving objects’ thing was goddamn UFOs! And wait, this whole affair was witnessed by thousands of people!


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10 thoughts on “Do aliens really exist? Some interesting facts”

  1. I believe that there are uncountable star… the probability of earth like planet is many…. by the way when earth or humans goona vanished

  2. My own personal theory regarding aliens. The words alien meaning not like us. My thoughts on the matter is that because of the vastness of the universe, life as we know it may not be life as we know it. Looking at microbes under a microscope, we encounter a different world. UFOs come in different shapes, sizes, colors and of course speeds. Are we living in a microcosm or is size really relevant in the universe? Planets and stars are found having incredible sizes. Our earth is relatively small. We may just be under observation. We ourselves do not contact microbes we observe. Of course there is the thought that we are at such a primitive level, communication would be of no use. So what are those lights, the sky? Are they life forms at all? Are they drones sent to observe us? I believe there are other earth like planets which may have evolved as we did but do not harbor humanoids. Their evolution started on a different scale of so called life.


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