4 annoying characters that you will find in Indian trains

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

Train journeys are always boring unless you have cute chicks sitting next to you. After joining college, I had to resort to train journeys to go to my home on vacations and holidays. I often meet many interesting, boring and weird personalities during my train journeys. This humor list is all about the different personalities I met during my journeys. It is possible that you too may have met such folks in trains. Sit back and enjoy the article! And hey, please comment your train journey experiences too!

1 The ‘Politician’

Funny train journey politician

People who fall into this category goes on and on talking about world politics! They start by asking if you vote. If you answer in negative, they’ll give you a one hour long lecture on why you should vote and why you are a disgrace to the society. If you answer yes, then they will definitely ask which political party you support. If by mistake, you support the party which our ‘politician’ dislikes, he will murder you with his arguments and hatred towards that party.

2 The ‘Tired’ guy

Funny sleeping man

I usually travel in the general compartment. You must consider yourself lucky if you get a place to rest your ass. It is obvious that you just can’t expect to sleep like you sleep on a flat bed. But the ‘tired guy’ just can’t do without it. If there is no scope to get a whole seat for himself (which happens all the time), he will sleep on the goddamn floor of the compartment. The result is that the people who are sitting are unable to move their legs. If you accidentally hit his body with your foot, he will bark at you for the disturbance you just created.

3 The ‘Landlord’

Property for sale

These folks seats in general compartment like ‘land’. They place their luggage on seats right next to where they are sitting. If you ask them to take off their luggage so that you could sit, they will answer that the seat is reserved for their ‘friend’, who will board the train at next station. Many ‘landlords’ ‘sell’ their seats for a price! Yes, this is absolutely true.

4 The Savior of ladies


These guys can’t see ladies in trouble. So, when they see a lady in their train compartment in trouble, they are ready to do anything for their comfort. The author has seen a guy who pulled the chain of a passenger train just so that a female passenger could get down at a station, where the train usually doesn’t stop otherwise. Just for the sake of a lady, this chap stopped the train and thus delayed hundreds of other passengers!

There are other funny characters too whom I haven’t mentioned here, that I’ve met on trains. Please feel free to comment and mention your funny train journey experiences too.

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